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On 16th March 2020, our two guest speakers will help you to put a spring in your step by sharing their learnings of how to embrace failure and show resilience in your investment journey. 


Jess Leader believes in honesty in property and has designed this candid talk on The Property That Took a Year to Buy sharing the many curveballs in the purchase of her second HMO. She hopes that, by sharing her learnings of bridging, unregistered titles, bad professional advice, flying freeholds and private lending to name a few, she will also pass on some of the confidence she gained as a result of learning the hard way!  


Jess Leader has 15 years’ experience in commercial, financial and project management in the creative world of corporate marketing and around three years’ experience in property, working across the Midlands and the South East. She’s focussed on HMOs and also loves to create beautiful spaces through refurbing her own homes. She is also a Board member of mental health and housing charity Sussex Oakleaf. 


Embrace the ‘F word’ with our main speaker, Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour, to transform your life! In her entertaining and interactive talk, leadership coach, communication skills expert and property developer, Gitanjali makes the case for embracing the F word. She will demonstrate how, not only can it bring a smile to your face when things get tough but how it will, if you learn to love it, transform your life. Gita always encourages her audiences to get used to hearing the word ahead of the event... so, whether you love it or avoid it, let us hear you say it… FAILURE! 


Gitanjali is passionate about coaching, presenting, and helping people find their a-ha! moments. She engages the audience with inspiring and relatable content, moving people to take action and helping them find the courage to effect real change. Before qualifying as a coach, Gitanjali’s 15-year career spanned psychology, acting, banking, recruitment and sales, so she is uniquely placed to combine science-backed research with an innovative approach to business in an inspiring, engaging and empowering way. Drawing on her own leadership journey, she brings a compelling combination of creative, commercial and cognitive to the personal and professional development space. 


Join Dan Hulbert and Amy Rowlinson on 16th March 2020 from 6.30pm to see how ‘Unlocking Property Knowledge’ with your property peers at The Property Vault can work for you!   


NETWORK EVENT VENUE: Eastgate, 141 Springhead Parkway, Northfleet, Gravesend, DA11 8AD 


If you are interested in coming to our network, you have several options available to you: 


  • 1st time? Use the NEWBIE ticket to try us out. Just £10 for your first network event! 


  • Want to save money? Take advantage of a reduced ticket price with the £15 EARLY BIRD ticket. Be quick as they get snapped up and are only available for a limited period. 


  • More than one of you? Take advantage of our PARTNER ticket which enables two people to come for £30. 


  • INDIVIDUAL tickets are available at £20 after the Early Bird period has finished. 


  • Want extra time with Dan, Amy & the guest speakers? Then go PREMIUM. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP offers you annual access to the network events (11 in total) and as a special bonus, Dan, Amy and the guest speakers will hold an exclusive Q&A session prior to the main networking event.  


  • Want VIP status? The VIP MASTERMIND MEMBERSHIP is available on a quarterly or annually commitment basis. VIP members will join Dan, Amy and a guest speaker from 1-5pm each month prior to the network event. There will be a property-related presentation, 1:1 20-minute sessions on rotation, opportunity to work on your property challenges mastermind-style and ongoing support and accountability. They will then stay on for the premium session starting at 5.30pm and continue for the evening networking event. Special offer available now at discounted price of £1500 for the annual ticket.  


Book a free qualifying call with Dan or Amy now to see how this mastermind will help you and your property business. https://www.thepropertyvaultuk.com/supportcall 




See you there!  


Dan and Amy