Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I have spent the last hour or so contacting builders in North Kent as I have been investing out of my home town for a while now and the build teams I once had down south are no longer available. 

I am looking to create a great team of trades around me for projects moving forward from HMOs (co-living) to New Build Developments. Let's hope they are better than the chap in the picture he he. 

If you are getting into property investment, then building your team is the first port of call and below, in my opinion, is the order you should find them!

1. Property tax adviser. (NOT JUST AN ACCOUNTANT).

Property Tax and how to set up in property has changed a lot in recent years due to the government changing the goals posts. A great property Tax adviser is a must because they will help you understand how to set up as each person has different circumstances. It isn't a case of one shoe fits all.

2. Mortgage broker to see what you can borrow. 

A whole-of-market commercially-minded mortgage broker is what you want; someone who knows how the property investment world works and has other options up their sleeve. 

3. Build/Refurb Team.

This is the hardest part of your power team to put together, you will most definitely be kissing a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess charming, so it is from experience I say start this process as early as possible.

4. Property sources/agents.

This part of your team is where everyone jumps on straight away and that is great because you are excited about the prospect of getting into property. Keep pushing that excitement but it is really important to learn the HOW to structure the business, WHAT you can borrow and HOW much it will cost to build/refurb. Without that information you could be buying the wrong thing.

All the best

Dan Hulbert

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